M.D.’s Special Report — Revelations Shock Harvard… Johns Hopkins… Oxford… and Cleveland Clinic doctors…

How to Build
A Disease-Proof

Discover the truth about the one trigger for all disease —
and the tools to help you reset it for perfect health!

Dear Friend,

Did you know there’s a master control hormone in your body?

You’ve probably heard about it.

But you haven’t been told the whole story...

When it’s working right, you can prevent almost every chronic disease we know of, even cancers…

Unfortunately, when this master hormone is not working right, you have a much greater risk for cancer.

Conventional medicine does NOT want you to know the truth about this.

They only want you to take their synthetic drug as a band-aid.

But you can rejuvenate this master controllerand do it easily, without medication.

By the end of this letter, you’ll be shocked you were never told this.

What’s worse is, the cancer and chronic disease epidemic has been caused by the very things we were told make life better... modern food and our modern lifestyle...

Have a look at a collaborative study from Harvard University, Oxford University and Cambridge…

They found that when your master hormone is not working right you have a 29% greater risk for thyroid cancer.

New research out of the Cleveland Clinic shows a dysfunctional master hormone is a major cause of deadly endometrial cancer

And research from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore also proves the cancer connection. Doctors there found that people who have a dysfunctional master hormone were 127% more likely to die from any cancer.

A dysfunctional master hormone also leaves you:

  • 409% more likely to die from stomach cancer
  • 294% more likely to die from liver cancer
  • 310% more likely to die from prostate cancer

Unless you fix this problem sooner rather than later, you have a higher risk for breast cancer, too.

And by no means is cancer the only chronic condition triggered by your master metabolic control hormone going haywire.

As I mentioned, it may be the trigger for ALL disease.

But you have the amazing power to revitalize this hormone so that it destroys disease instead...

Just like a beloved Greek “Grampa” did.

Have you heard the story?

It’s a doozy — but every word of it is true and verifiable…

The Trigger for All Disease

“Your lung cancer is terminal,” the doctors all told him.

The dreaded diagnosis that no one ever wants to hear.

Stamatis Moraitis was given only nine months to live.

He could have stayed in the U.S. and gone through rigorous and expensive chemotherapy treatments.

But he refused.

He did not accept the medication American doctors wanted to prescribe.

Instead, Stamatis decided to return with his wife to the place where he grew up... the island of Ikaria... a small Greek island in the Aegean Sea.

He wanted to spend his last few months at peace and to be laid to rest in the cemetery with his ancestors.

He stayed in bed for a couple of weeks, and got plenty of sleep.

No one expected anything other than for Stamatis to pass away and float off into the warm Aegean breeze.

But this did not happen.

After a few weeks, Stamatis began to slowly recuperate. He started feeling better.

At first he planted some vegetables in the garden.

He started taking long walks around the village where he grew up... spent time visiting childhood friends... rediscovered his faith... drank some wine and ate the native diet of his unspoiled homeland...

Given a cancer death sentence by doctors,
he lived another 40+ years

“Every night I would walk to the tavern to meet my friends, drink wine and play backgammon until midnight and wonder why I was still alive,” he said.

Nine months slipped by and he felt good.

After 11 months, he felt even better.

Forty-some years after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Stamatis was still alive and actively tending to his olive trees on Ikaria.

On January 1, 2013, he celebrated his 98th birthday.

A few years prior to his birthday, he’d traveled back to the U.S. to try and find his doctors...

He couldn’t find any of them. They had already passed away.

How was this possible?

Stamatis survived because he discovered the secret I am about to reveal to you.

He went against his doctor’s advice and with simple changes that I’m going to show you, he fixed what modern life had done to his master hormone and beat cancer.

Imagine... no more worries about cancer... or any of the chronic diseases that are hunting all of us in today’s world.

And, the best part is, once you know how to rejuvenate the function of this master hormone...

A hormone you may know about, but that you were never told was THIS powerful...

Or had this much influence over disease prevention and total health... you’ll be able to...

Flush disease out of your body
to live a pain-free and active life

Unfortunately, modern medicine does not know how to accomplish this for you.

Because the master hormone I am talking about is insulin.

Now, before you stop reading and say, “Oh, I don’t have diabetes,” I have some news for you.

You’re not going to believe me when I tell you this. And you might very well be shocked.

Modern medicine is clueless on the importance of insulin.

Let me explain...

You see, when it comes to chronic “diseases” (which are really just conditions), standard “sick care” is to treat each one separately… often with unnecessary surgeries and toxic drugs.

Standard medicine treats diabetes the same way. The doctor says, “Here, inject this synthetic insulin and I’ll see you at your next visit!”

But what they don’t tell you is that insulin dysfunction is the trigger behind most of the chronic diseases we have today…

  • Heart disease... (it’s not cholesterol)
  • Osteoporosis... (it’s not from lack of calcium)
  • Vision loss... (it’s not because you’re getting old)
  • Diabetes... (it’s not just about blood sugar)
  • Alzheimer’s... (why do you think researchers are starting to call it “type III diabetes?”)... and most importantly…
  • Cancer

The truth is not found in drugs.

Our friend Stamatis refused standard medicine’s synthetic drugs, returned home, and as his insulin function got better, so did he.

Without knowing it, he used elements of the protocol I’ll show you, and beat his cancer.

But whenever new evidence comes out that Big Pharma and mainstream medicine are wrong...

Whenever their sick-care profit machine might be disrupted...

They cover up... They double down... They try to make sure you never hear the truth.

I’m ready to put a stop to all this madness, and that’s why I’m writing to you today…

To let you in on the real hidden truth behind preventing and curing ALL disease.

This could be the single most important
disease-destroying revelation — EVER

In helping many patients for over 20 years in clinical and family practice, I’ve come to realize the importance behind managing what I have come to realize is the body’s master controlling hormone within your body... more commonly known as insulin.

Mainstream medicine continues to undervalue properly functioning insulin, and pigeonhole it into a single disease — diabetes... you’ll soon know why this approach is not in your best interest.

If you want to give your health a huge boost…

Prevent chronic disease from taking over your body…

And even cure a chronic condition you already have, allow me to show you how to take advantage of this stunning revelation.

Mainstream medicine and Big Pharma don’t want you to hear all this... they’re enjoying the obscene profits from their endless approach to treating individual disease symptoms.

I know there is a much better way to naturally prevent and cure chronic conditions.

In fact I’ve developed a disease-destroying protocol to help you...

Triumph over cancer
(and ALL disease!)

Research from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Oxford, and The National Academy of Sciences prove you can use my new master protocol to:

  • Turn Your Body into a Supercharged Anti-Cancer Machine
  • Shut Off One Disease-Causing Mediator Before it’s Too Late
  • Focus on the Single Misunderstood Factor for Perfect Health
  • Use the Most Effective Cellular Shield on the Planet

This breakthrough provides a wake-up call to your body, all the way down to your DNA...

An international analysis by researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center, the University of Cambridge (UK), and the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, stunned everyone when it revealed that…

People who have dysfunctional insulin have a 35% greater risk of getting cancer because it shortens telomeres, the caps at the end of your DNA.

When these shorten, you are more prone to all diseases, even cancer. Your risk of...

  • Digestive cancer jumps to a concerning 69%
  • Urogenital cancer (including prostate) soars to an unbelievable 73%
  • Bladder cancer hurdles to a scary 84%
  • Smoking-related cancers spike to a frightening 125%
  • Lung cancer skyrockets off the charts at 139%

Turns out... insulin is responsible for shielding your DNA, protecting your genetic data, and making it possible for your cells to divide.

I don’t know about you, but I would have wanted to know that about insulin.

What’s worse is if your DNA goes unshielded, your body’s ability to perform deteriorates to the point where your cells stop working correctly and it triggers disease.

I unearthed the culprit to all this buried under an avalanche of medical studies, starting with another study from the Harvard Medical School...

In a case-control study (424 controls, 432 cases) I found in the journal Translational Research, Harvard researchers discovered that your master hormone is associated with a certain type of dysfunctional metabolic mediator.

But if you fix this mediator to protect your cells and DNA... you can cancer-proof your body...

And Harvard wasn’t the only place this disease connection appeared…

Research from Women’s College Hospital, Toronto, Canada, showed in a 5-year study with 38,000 women, that those with this faulty metabolic mediator had much higher risks of advanced stage breast cancer than women who had normal function.

They were…

  • 14% more likely to have Stage II breast cancer
  • 21% more likely to have Stage III
  • 16% more likely to have Stage IV

Another international study I uncovered in the journal Endocrine Related Cancer showed how your pancreatic cancer risk could spike as much as 115%... depending on how dysfunctional this metabolic mediator happened to be.

An unpopular disease cure

What I’m revealing to you won’t make me one of the most popular physicians with mainstream medicine...

But if Big Pharma and the FDA had their way, you’d never hear about this. Don’t you have the right to know about this and all treatment options available to you?

I believe you absolutely do...

Especially, if there’s a way to prevent disease by totally reversing years of bad health advice including the wrong food, the wrong exercise, and the wrong treatments by misinformed doctors.

And you should definitely have been told that — if you fix your insulin — it could ward off almost ALL disease.

That’s why I’m reaching out to you today.

After years of research, what I uncovered will help you cancer-proof your body... really turn your body into a supercharged vitality machine against any chronic condition.

This comes from years of experience in my family practice and extensive research I uncovered. I truly believe you can...

Triumph over disease
and enjoy a pain-free active life

After doing my research and seeing patients for years, I knew I needed to put everything I had learned and experienced in one place.

So I created a guide you can use for a lifetime. A long, healthy lifetime. Sure, there are books about how insulin affects diabetes and how to treat the symptoms... but those are a small piece of the puzzle. No one caught on that insulin is much bigger than that... or what to do about it.

And that’s why I decided to put together my own total solution together in a new guide, The Insulin Factor: How to Repair Your Body’s Master Controller and Conquer Chronic Disease.

Because it’s about more than just “insulin” and “blood sugar” and everything else the mainstream has told you.

There’s so much more you need to know to stay healthy and prevent chronic diseases as you age.

Let me give you one sneak peek...

How to fix it so you don’t go blind

If your insulin continues to malfunction over a period of time (around five years), eye complications could happen to you at an alarming rate.

Your risk of glaucoma increases by 40%... cataract risk increases by 60%... you would go blind. I’m sure you’ll agree... your sight is precious.

Move to an exotic island to snuffout Alzheimer’s or…

The beautiful island of Ikaria off Greece… the exotic island of Bali in Indonesia… the Japanese island of Okinawa…

These stunning island locations have a few things in common…

One, their populations defy normal longevity stats… a large portion of the people live to 100 or more.

Two, dementia is rare and Alzheimer’s is virtually non-existent.

Third, the inhabitants of these islands stay active well into their senior years.

You already know about our Greek friend, Stamatis, who came home years ago to Ikaria to be cured. Well into his late 90s, Stamatis was tending to his hundreds of olive trees, harvesting olive oil, and producing about 700 liters of red wine a year. 
So, what’s staying active got to do with it?

A Cambridge University discovered that people who were the most socially active had a 70% slower rate of cognitive decline.

Without even realizing it, the people of Ikaria, Bali, and Okinawa have perfect insulin function and fight off Alzheimer’s by staying active.

But mainstream medicine and Big Pharma don’t “see” it that way. They are going to fight the exclusive natural protocol I developed tooth and nail.

Not only do they want to protect their profit-making machine, but many drugs they prescribe add even more to your pain and suffering...

Big Pharma causing the problem?

Pharmaceutical drugs, those synthetic chemicals meant to treat your diseases, impair insulin. That’s right...

Big Pharma loves it when you get “hooked” on prescription drugs because many of them put you into a vicious cycle. They treat a symptom with drugs... and side effects of the drug trigger adverse effects on your insulin.

When your insulin gets out of whack, your risk of chronic disease (like cancer) only increases.

So, the very drugs Big Pharma wants you take to treat a disease symptom can…

  • Increase your risk of making the disease worse, and…
  • Spike your chances of developing another chronic condition, and...
  • Trigger even more pain and suffering!

Any wonder we’re not gaining any ground on chronic disease?

This vicious drug cycle is spiraling out of control by fueling the very thing it’s supposed to cure.

I certainly would not be bringing all this up if there wasn’t a proven solution.

And in my mind that solution is quite simple… focus on natural ways to master your insulin naturally, without insanely expensive drugs.

So, how do you do that?

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Stunning breakthrough from centenarians

Despite the increase of chronic disease, more people around the world are living to age 100 or beyond.

At the same time, it’s important to note that most people don’t want to live that long.


Because most people who live to be very old, some of whom I have seen in my practice, are not necessarily enjoying the good life.

People want to be happy, active, and free from pain, chronic illness, and prescription drugs.

But, in many places around the world where people do live a long life, they do indeed live very healthy lives well into their golden years.

So, is there anything these ageless wonders have in common?

During one of his many lectures back in 1999, a colleague of mine, Dr. Ron Rosedale, disclosed some eye-opening information about major centenarian studies ongoing at the time.

These studies were searching for the variable (or variables) that could be acknowledged as the silver bullet behind why these people lived to at least 100.

Amazingly, what was discovered was that these folks didn’t have all that much in common with one another. Some even smoked... others didn’t exercise all that much... and some didn’t have the calmest of dispositions.

The one, key common denominator that all the centenarians in scientific studies appear to have is well-balanced and under control insulin

Like our Grandpa Stamatis you just read about.

You can use the same steps he took to heal his body and prevent disease…

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Simple Steps to End
Needless Pain and Suffering

Here are just a few of the easy ways you can have perfect insulin that I’ll guide you through in The Insulin Factor.

  1. Supercharge insulin’s power to heal — There’s a nutrient so powerful for healthy insulin they give it to astronauts to defend their DNA in space. I identify the readily available natural sources and foods you need to get this “stellar” insulin-boosting nutrient.
  2. Avoid the trap of hidden disease-causing chemicals — I’ll show you what to do to avoid them and how that keeps your master hormone, insulin, in balance.
  3. Drop your risk of almost every disease — The one secret, created over 80 years ago, that’s best for safeguarding your insulin function. I provide you with three unique examples and where to go to get started.
  4. Get a 70% better brain — Enhance your brainpower and possibly slash your dementia risk by 50%… plus,  eight specific “bad guys” to avoid for a faster brain. All of these help balance your master hormone!
  5. Repair your “bioblasts” and solve your energy crisis — Three groups of delicious high-energy foods that can jump start your cellular batteries and protect your master hormone. At the same time, I’ll guide you on what insulin-harming foods you must avoid.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll learn when you follow my easy steps in The Insulin Factor.

I’ve witnessed firsthand how patients in my practice have literally turned their lives around when they repaired and balanced their insulin with my protocol...

You can do it, too.

Secrets forbidden from you by the mainstream…
And how you can put them to use right away!

Sometimes you just need to help your body heal itself naturally…

The Insulin Factor will guide you through just how to do all that.

There are so many “forbidden” secrets in this book mainstream medicine does not want you to know about…

Exclusive secrets you can take advantage of to rejuvenate the function of your master hormone and start living the active and disease-free life you’ve dreamed of…

  1. Mainstream medicine’s blunder you need to ignore for a life without disease
  2. The misunderstood secret to stopping chronic disease dead in its tracks
  3. The surefire way to protect your sight and keep from going blind 
  4. The forgotten nutrient that shields you against cancer, leukemia, & heart disease
  5. Throw these drinks in the trash to prevent a “fatty” heart 
  6. Control these silent killers to boost insulin function and snuff out cancer
  7. How to stay ahead of the “cancer game” by avoiding Big Pharma’s playbook
  8. Empower insulin when you flush common toxins out of your body 
  9. Why getting a good night’s sleep is critical for insulin
  10. Why you need to take action now to take control of your insulin

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And so much more awaits you in The Insulin Factor: How to Repair Your Body’s Master Controller and Conquer Chronic Disease

So much more to help you sidestep chronic disease and the painful stress by naturally fixing the key that unlocks the good life.

Is this just another health book?

The Insulin Factor isn’t a book at all.

It’s a protocol and guide, and a reference you can use for life.

When it’s eventually released to the public, all the work and research will result in a cover price of at least $69.95.

But for a limited time I’ve slashed that price in half. You can get The Insulin Factor today for almost 50% off the cover price. Only $39.95. Why? Because I want you to have it as a lifelong guide that will revolutionize your approach to staying healthy and warding off chronic disease.

As you’ve already seen from the “forbidden secrets” I revealed above, The Insulin Factor doesn’t focus on just one aspect of your health… it encompasses the entire spectrum.

It’s really that simple as to why this book is very different from the rest. In fact…

This book can actually save you money

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying: “if you have your health, you have everything.”

But if you follow mainstream medicine and Big Pharma’s advice, what will that cost you?

And in the end, how healthy and pain-free will you really be?

If you take action and follow my specific guidelines in The Insulin Factor, you’ll become healthier using natural means readily available to you.

In the long run, this should…

  • Save you time, money, and the inconvenience of excessive doctor’s visits!
  • Slash or eliminate the cost of expensive drugs and their unpredictable side effects!
  • Drastically reduce your need for surgical procedures!
  • Get rid of pain and suffering that cannot be measured in terms of cost savings!
  • Eliminate the need to sign up for frustrating diet programs or weight loss clubs!

If you follow my exercise guidelines you won’t necessarily even have to join a gym or fitness club… most of your workouts can be done at home.

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Get Started Today and I’ll Take All the Risk…
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At only $69.95 The Insulin Factor would be a drop in the bucket compared to you’d save on health care costs… but remember — you’re getting it for almost 50% off, only $39.95.

For less than the cost of a co-pay for a doctor’s visit… or a monthly drug prescription… or the monthly cost of a diet program… you’ll have in your hands this powerful tool that will:

  • Guide you through the easy steps to triumph over chronic disease and pain
  • Help you repair your metabolic mediator once and for all…
  • Show you how to boost your energy levels…
  • Act as a reference guide to eating the rights foods for a healthier you…
  • Help you shed those extra pounds the natural way

Plus, if you get started today — I’ll send you two FREE gifts!

These “tools” will increase the power of my new master protocol you’ll discover when you receive your copy of The Insulin Factor: How to Repair Your Body’s Master Controller and Conquer Chronic Disease.

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In this ground-breaking report, you’ll discover how to treat cancer naturally without surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy, and where to find each of these natural miracles!

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A huge value, plus you get my 100% Money-back, 
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I feel so confident your health will improve dramatically after you receive The Insulin Factor, I will return every penny you paid if you don’t value the information in it as much as my patients have.

If you ever decide, for any reason, that my exclusive guide is not worth the cost, I’ll gladly refund every cent you paid.

But I can make this promise because I believe The Insulin Factor is truly your key to defeating disease for good.

Here’s to thriving in the years ahead,

Michael Cutler, M.D.
Editor, Easy Health Digest™

P.S. The Insulin Factor is a reference guide to prevent and cure chronic disease everyone should have and read. So, Order Today… and start improving your life right away.

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