Natural science has proven diabetes is not a death sentence. For the newest natural remedies and secrets, read on

Feel Like Diabetes Has Sentenced You to a Lifetime of Pills, Needles and Health Worries?

Here’s How You Can
Beat the Rap!

In this Urgent Medical Alert, you’ll get the truth about today’s conventional diabetes treatments, like…

  • The shocking reason why diabetes drugs are practically useless for controlling your diabetes…
  • The secret to preventing — and even defeating — diabetes without drugs…
  • The astounding financial and physical toll of diabetes — and how to avoid paying the price…
  • Why controlling your blood sugar may not lower your risk of heart disease — and may actually increase it instead if you’re not careful…
  • And much more!

PLUS, you’ll discover powerful, natural remedies and lifestyle changes that have been PROVEN to work like gangbusters to ease (and even reverse) diabetes — so you can regain your health!

Dear Friend,

Chances are… your diabetes diagnosis came as a shock. You didn’t recognize any tell-tale symptoms. You were just busy living your life — totally unaware that there was a problem with your insulin and blood sugar.

Now everything’s changed. You have to watch what you eat like a hawk. You’re on multiple medicines — plus insulin. You’re practically a slave to your blood glucose meter. And concerns about experiencing blindness and amputations in the future as a result of the disease keep you awake at night.

First, know that you’re not alone. 29.1 million Americans have diabetes — a staggering 9.3 percent of our population. Of these, 8.1 million don’t even know they have the disease.

Plus, an estimated 86 million adults have pre-diabetes or "metabolic syndrome." This is a condition where your blood glucose levels are higher than normal — but not high enough to be considered diabetes.

That means… millions of people are in your shoes right now. And like you, they’re facing a lifetime of pills, needles and meters — because their doctors aren’t telling them one very important thing…

…Diabetes is the most preventable — and even reversible — of all chronic diseases!

You deserve to know the truth — so you can be healthy and live your life to the fullest.

That’s why I’ve pulled together the latest cutting-edge information from natural science and compiled it into a Special Medical Briefing for you called: Forbidden Secrets From Nature’s Pharmacy to Reverse Diabetes and Blood Sugar Problems.

Within its pages, I reveal shocking secrets about conventional diabetes treatments that the medical community would rather you didn’t hear.

Plus, I share amazing new discoveries in natural medicine that make it safe, affordable and easy for you to manage — and even reverse — diabetes and blood sugar problems. But more on that in a moment.

First, let’s take a look at…

Diabetes-Beating Secrets You Probably
WON’T Hear From Your Doctor

Treating diabetes in America is a $176 billion-a-year cash cow — making up to 20 percent of all health care dollars.

So it should come as no surprise that there are certain things the medical establishment would prefer you didn’t know, such as…

Secret #1: Drugs CANNOT Cure Type 2 Diabetes

If you have type 2 diabetes, those drugs your physician prescribed for you are next to worthless at reversing — or even controlling — the condition.


The only thing diabetes drugs do is help lower your blood glucose levels. While high blood sugar is a problem when you have diabetes, it’s not the true culprit behind the condition. Faulty leptin signaling and insulin resistance are the real issues. But there isn’t a drug on the planet that even begins to address them.

In fact… instead of helping you, diabetes drugs can actually hurt you.

One common side effect of these drugs is weight gain, which may sound harmless enough. But excess weight makes your blood sugar even harder to control.

As the weight piles on, your doctor has to prescribe higher and higher doses of the blood sugar-lowering drugs — or combine them with other medications — which puts you at even greater risk for other more dangerous side effects.

Diabetes drugs are not the answer!

In my exclusive Special Medical Briefing, Forbidden Secrets From Nature’s Pharmacy to Reverse Diabetes and Blood Sugar Problems, you get the all-natural secrets you need to reestablish proper leptin and insulin signaling — so you can beat diabetes for good.

You’ll discover…

  • The remarkable diabetes remedy found in… orange rinds, page 47.
  • The plant "prescription" derived from a French lilac proven to reduce the cardiovascular complications from diabetes, page 17.
  • Beyond cholesterol! Why the inflammatory effects of too much refined sugar can clog your arteries and lead to diabetes-caused heart problems, page 31.
  • How to permanently lose 10 to 40 pounds of unwanted fat and balance your blood sugar at the same time. Amazing results, page 44.
  • Health alert! A deficiency in this common mineral can increase insulin resistance and make your blood sugar problems worse, page 46.
  • The popular diabetes drug that can make you even sicker — with serious side effects such as weight gain, leg swelling, worsening heart failure and liver abnormalities, page 16.
  • The real culprit behind high blood pressure — and how it skyrockets your risk of diabetes, page 8.
  • Five prescription drugs that worsen blood sugar in diabetics — and should be avoided at all costs, page 19.
  • New warning about the risk of artificial sweeteners. Why they make up as much as 75 percent of all food complaints made to the FDA, page 32.
  • The secret of the Paraguayan Indians that may well be nature’s No. 1 natural sweetener, page 27.
  • The hidden danger of starchy foods — why they can wreak havoc with your blood sugar, page 24.
  • And scores of more diabetes-reducing, blood sugar-relieving secrets!

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The good news is…

Secret #2: Type 2 Diabetes can be Prevented
(and Even Reversed) Without Drugs

According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), "your diet is key in not only managing diabetes and reducing the complications associated with it, such as kidney failure, heart disease, and blindness, but more importantly, in preventing diabetes."

I agree wholeheartedly, but I’m taking it one step further…

By making changes in your diet and lifestyle, you can eliminate diabetes, glucose intolerance, and metabolic syndrome — safely and without drugs.

A healthy meal plan should balance your daily intake of fats, carbohydrates and protein — and it should eliminate the high-calorie processed junk foods and sugary soft drinks that helped you get into this mess in the first place. But for most of us, eating this way is easier said than done…

Thanks to a bombardment of conflicting — and often inaccurate — public health messages… misleading labels and claims on packaging… and a general lack of nutrition knowledge by many doctors, dietitians and other health care providers, Americans are confused about nutrition.

We simply don’t know how to eat for good health. Take Paula Deen, for example. When the celebrity chef went public with her type 2 diabetes diagnosis, she announced she was cutting back on fat in her diet.

That’s all well and good. But when it comes to diabetes, the most recent research shows that fat is not the problem. The problem foods are sugar, refined white flour, chemical additives, artificial sweeteners and flavors, trans-fats, and the various other chemicals and additives found in processed foods.

Ironically, those are the ingredients that abound in Paula Deen’s recipes.

But "nutrition confusion" isn’t our only problem. Most Americans simply don’t have the time, knowledge or money to shop, cook and prepare healthy foods from scratch. And many of us wonder why we should bother — when cheap, convenient, and processed foods are so easy to obtain and prepare.

Here’s why it’s worth it… making a lifestyle change to eating healthy, nutritional foods can help you eliminate diabetes and blood sugar problems — for good. In my Special Medical Briefing, Forbidden Secrets From Nature’s Pharmacy to Reverse Diabetes and Blood Sugar Problems, I’ll show you how simple it can be. Plus, you’ll discover…

  • Why a startling 80 percent of Type 2 Diabetics will need insulin as the disease progresses — even if their pancreas is producing plenty, page 17.
  • A therapy developed at Harvard Medical School that mimics the effects of natural insulin production in your body. Bonus: Helps repair, even heal, your heart, muscles and skin, page 19.
  • Delicious foods that can prevent and even reverse diabetes. It’s not magic — it’s science! Page 24.
  • The miracle mineral that lowers blood glucose levels with no side effects. After taking just 200 mcg a day, more than 70 percent of diabetic patients had great results, page 46.
  • The astonishing supermarket secret that whips prescription drugs in effectively controlling diabetes. No doctors or drugs needed. Page 16.
  • Why too much refined sugar is linked to most all chronic illnesses, page 25.
  • Why the typical "three square meals a day" habit is bad news for your blood sugar. Eat this way instead — and watch diabetes disappear, page 42.
  • The secret of the healthiest sugars of all! Rich in flavor, fiber, enzymes, complete vitamins, organic minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals, page 33.
  • The common environmental contaminant that increases diabetes risk by a whopping 20 to 200 percent — depending on your exposure, page 8.
  • Never fear diabetes–related blindness with this pennies–a–day vitamin, page 46.
  • The diabetes-busting berry! The leaves of this berry bush have been shown to lower blood sugar 26 percent in laboratory studies, page 47.
  • And many more safe, affordable, proven alternatives to drugs and insulin!

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But that’s not all…

Secret #3: Diabetes takes a Huge Toll on Your
Life — Both Physically and Financially

No matter how you look at it, diabetes is a costly disease. As I mentioned earlier, total health care and related costs for its treatment run about $174 billion annually. But let’s see what that looks like for YOU…

When you’re diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, your doctor is likely to prescribe melformin — the most commonly recommended first-line diabetes drug. That will set you back between $4 and $100 a month, which is manageable for most people.

But if melformin doesn’t lower your blood glucose enough, you could end up on a newer, more expensive drug — or on a multi-drug regimen — that could cost you $500 a month… or more.

Even if you have insurance, co-pays for multiple drugs can add up to $200 a month or more. And that’s just for medication. You also need needles… meters and strips… and other supplies, like insulin pumps.

When the costs start to soar, the lack of money can seriously restrict your life. You can’t change jobs, because you can’t afford to lose your insurance. You don’t have enough money for new needles, so you re-use your syringes until they become dull and painful. You make the terrible choice between eating and buying your medication. But that’s not all…

Cost issues can also interfere with your doctor’s decisions. Dr. Anne Peters, director of the Clinical Diabetes Program at University of Southern California, says she often alters treatment plans to work with a patient’s finances. "Many of the sulfonylurea agents are incredibly cheap and work," she says, "but they do cause hypoglycemia and weight gain. Still, oftentimes, it’s all a patient can afford."

Diabetics also experience higher risk from a wide variety of other illnesses. These include heart disease and stroke, blindness, peripheral nerve disease and nerve pain, kidney damage and failure, and skin disorders.

Not only does that jack up your already skyrocketing medical costs, but it further deteriorates you quality of life! Diabetes…

  • Is the leading cause of new blindness in adults ages 20 to 74.
  • Makes you 17 times more likely to get kidney disease than the normal population.
  • Increases your risk of developing heart disease by 200 to 400 percent.
  • Causes nerve loss and infections that lead to lower extremity amputations.
  • Doubles your risk of dying over the next 10 years!

The good news is… these staggering financial and health costs can be avoided. In my exclusive Special Medical Briefing, Forbidden Secrets from Nature’s Pharmacy to Reverse Diabetes and Blood Sugar Problems, you’ll discover easy, affordable remedies to help you easily take control of your diabetes — so you can live a healthy, vital life. For example…

  • Lower your diabetes risk without spending one cent. Just incorporate this healthy "habit" into your life every day, page 8.
  • The natural secret for turning diabetes "off" in your body. It all starts with eating these delicious foods, page 24.
  • The little–known mineral that prevents disease–causing oxidative damage to your cells caused by diabetes, page 46.
  • The unique I.V. therapy that boasts superior results for diabetics — and can even help organs function more normally and heal, page 18.
  • Sugar spikes after dinner? The Archives of Internal Medicine reports that this special type of ginseng is clinically proven to reduce post-meal glucose, page 47.
  • The shocking link between inflammation and diabetes most doctors miss, page 9.
  • The truth about insulin doctors fail to tell you, page 18.
  • Got a sweet tooth? Then you’ll love sugar from these foods with the highest nutritional value, page 33.
  • And many more natural remedies and alternatives for reversing diabetes and blood sugar problems that you’ve never read before.

To get the amazing report the medical industry can’t afford for you to read — plus Three Special FREE Gifts — just click here…

But here is the most shocking secret of all…

Secret #4: Controlling Blood Sugar Does NOT
Lower Cardiovascular Risk. Instead, It
May Actually INCREASE it.

According to the National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP), cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death among people with diabetes. About 68 percent of diabetics die of heart disease or stroke.

This is obviously a huge problem. And for years, doctors believed that prescribing medications to normalize blood sugar in diabetics would help decrease that risk of heart problems. But recent findings have turned that theory on its ear…

Two large studies — involving more than 21,000 patients with Type 2 Diabetes — found absolutely NO reduction in heart attack rate and death from the standard therapy of intensive blood sugar control.

In fact, the opposite was proved. Researchers discovered that obtaining near-normal glucose control with drug therapy is associated with "significantly increased risks of death from any cause and death from cardiovascular causes" — the very outcomes the medication was supposed to prevent.

A recent meta-analysis of 13 randomized controlled trials involving more than 33,000 people confirmed these findings and concluded: Not only is drug treatment to lower blood glucose levels ineffective… it’s also dangerous.

The problem with the glucose-lowering drugs is this… they don’t address the causes of inflammation which underlie cardiovascular disease. They simply lower blood sugar, and, when it comes to fighting heart disease, that just doesn’t cut it.

In my Special Medical Briefing, Forbidden Secrets From Nature’s Pharmacy to Reverse Diabetes and Blood Sugar Problems, you’ll discover the lifestyle changes you can make to reduce the heart-endangering inflammation in your body. Plus, you’ll learn…

  • Why that "spare tire" around your middle could be bad news for your health — and the simple thing you can do to reduce your heart disease risk, page 22.
  • Burning pain from diabetes? How to gently ease the pain with a natural cream made from… red pepper! Page 12.
  • The three most powerful secrets for naturally reversing diabetes. No high-priced doctors, drugs or medical treatments needed, page 35.
  • The delicious chocolate smoothie that helps quell diabetes. Recipe, page 36.
  • The stress relief breakthrough that helps banish diabetes, page 43.
  • The "good" fats that knock out blood sugar problems in no time flat, page 46.
  • The shocking link between too much sugar and memory loss. Too much sugar worsens mental functioning and behavior. See clinical research, page 28.
  • Want to control glucose levels and boost your energy? Then take this little–known mineral powerhouse, page 46.
  • Improve your blood sugar problems by up to 15 percent with this "milky" herb. It cleanses your liver, which helps your body better control blood sugar, page 47.
  • And dozens more natural remedies and secrets for naturally easing diabetes and blood sugar problems!

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Yet there’s even more. In my Special Medical Briefing, you’ll also discover…

A Treasury of LIFESAVING Information To
Help You Turn the Tables on Diabetes —
And Restore Your Health

I call this exclusive Medical Briefing a "treasury" because it gives you virtually ALL the information you need to reverse diabetes and blood sugar problems and to take the best course of action should you or a loved one ever suffer from these problems.

Who can put a price tag on your life or that of a loved one. But this is certain — the unprecedented wealth of information you’ll find here is virtually priceless for protecting your health and well-being for years to come.

I’m talking about…

  • The hidden risk of pesticides causing diabetes. Shocking warning by the National Institutes of Health, page 9.
  • Special medical tests that show how much damage diabetes has done, if any, to your body, page 16.
  • The easy-to-follow program that helps prevent (and even reverse) Type 2 Diabetes — in just 90 days! See page 43.
  • Health alert–why one of the long–time, best–selling diabetes drugs can make you fat, page 17.
  • Low insulin? This Asian herbal secret skyrockets insulin activity 15–fold, safely and naturally, page 47.
  • Sugar Shocker! The average American eats 100 pounds of refined sugar each year! See healthier and just-as-tasty alternatives on page 32.
  • Diabetes Spectrum reports a natural breakthrough that doubles the number of insulin–producing cells in your pancreas and makes your blood sugar normal, page 47.
  • The lip–smacking "can’t believe I’m on a diet" lasagna that beats blood sugar problems. Recipe, page 36.
  • Five most common symptoms of diabetes. How many do you have? Page 9.
  • Beware of the popular vitamin that worsens diabetes symptoms. Are you taking it? Page 20.
  • The tasty lime "cocktail" that puts a big dent in diabetes! Recipe, page 41.
  • And many more lifesaving secrets that’ll surprise, even shock you.

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  • The surprising risk factors that make you a prime target for this cruel disease!
  • How Metabolic syndrome can quickly lead to diabetes if you don’t turn your health around before it’s too late!
  • How to get a grip through proper diet and exercise!
  • The healthy sugars that can provide safer choices!
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  • How sugar distorts your body chemistry and can actually prematurely age you!
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  • The leaching effect of acid levels on your nutrition — and why you sometimes feel lifeless due to lack of energy!
  • How to tell if your body is too acidic and may be entering a dangerous disease-producing state!
  • Which foods are acid producing and which can cause an alkaline state — and how this information can help you achieve balance!
  • Why proper alkalinity is vital to cell renewal and regeneration!
  • And much, much more!

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